Undeniable proof of YHWH

Questions to atheists

  • I do not have enough faith to be an atheist. Do you?

1º Do you deny the law of the conservation of energy?

2º Why can a daisy have 5, 8 or 13 petals but never 10 or 11? 

Why can no example be given for a single genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the beneficial information in the genome?

4º How do you explain Polonium 218?

Why are the “expected” countless millions of transitional fossils, missing?

6º Why is the human skin color dust/earth looking, like the bible says? 

How did new biochemical pathways (which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence) originate?

8º How do you explain the fact that there is only one habitable planet in the whole universe?

9º How do you explain the sequence specificity in DNA?

10º Why is there something instead of nothing? How could something come from nothing? How would an atheist define ‘nothing’? Did ‘nothing’ decide there were only going to be two sexes, male & female? Did ‘nothing’ decide that humans would have emotions & consciousness? Did “nothing” create the laws that regulate our universe? Where do we get intelligence from? From ‘nothing’?

11º Can someone document just one 100% verifiable transitionary fossil that proves that one species actually changed into another completely different species?

12º  Why do all humans, at least once in their life, wonder about a supreme being?

13º  Professional linguists all agree that every language in existence had a common root and can be traced back to one common language (like the bible says). Do you deny this?

14º Why has macro-evolution never been observed in human history?

15º Why is the age of the oldest tree on earth consistent with a biblical timeframe for earth’s history? 

16º Where are all the transitional fossils from the billions of animals & humans that had to supposedly evolve over billions of years?

17º What does an atheist do, now that C-14 (carbon dating) has been proven to be not so reliable?

18º How do ‘living fossils’ remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years (horseshoe crab)?

19º What do you make of the now famous population problem with evolution? 

20º Living things look like they were designed, so how do evolutionists “know” that they were not designed?

21º Do you refute the fact that functional information has never been observed to arise purely by physical interactions?

22º How do you explain the Fibonacci sequence, the number ‘e’ & the number Pi?

23º How do you explain the ability to breathe? The ability to dream? The ability to reproduce? Why do we have 2 feet, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 brain segments, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and all the rest you can think of? Does anything make sense in the mind of an atheist?

24º Who decides when in history & where on earth each person is born if not God?

25º Why are the laws of physics infinitely precise?

26º How could mutations create 3 billion letters of DNA information to change a microbe into a microbiologist?

27º Why is evolution, a dogmatic belief system that fails to explain the evidence, taught in science classes?

28º What do you have to say about the now famous mathematical impossibility for evolution? 

29º Where did the information required to create all that we see come from?

30º Why are all snowflakes different from each other yet all of them have the shape of a 6 branch star?

31º How did blind chemistry create mind, intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?

32º How do you explain energy?

33º Where does the idea of a 7 day week come from if not from Genesis?

34º If we are animals, then why are we able to choose right from wrong? What is right and what is wrong in the mind of an atheist?

35º How come the Sun & the Moon are perfectly placed in our solar system to accommodate life?

36º What do you do now that scientists have discovered that our hearts analyze information a split nanosecond before our brains do?

37º How do you explain Mathematics?

38º How do you explain the odds of combinatorial space?

39º How do you explain the Jewish people that still exist today?

40º If we evolved from monkeys, why are they still here? 

41º What do you make of the fine structure constant value that is : 1/137.035999679?

42* What is ‘information’ at its purest level, if not God?


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